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Products I Recommend

If you really want to know what works, then look no further.

I have personally used ALL of the sites and products listed below to GROW TALLER so I know they work.

And not only are they effective, but they're safe too. So if you're looking for a safe and very effective way to gain a few inches of height, then I highly recommend any of the products and sites below.

For best results, I recommend a combination of an exercise program and 1 or 2 supplements.

Exercise Programs I Recommend:

Adding Height   http://www.addingheight.com
The best height increasing exercise program I have used. And believe me, I've tried them all.

Height.ws   http://www.height.ws
I read over this program and it's ideas and exercises are along the lines of Adding Height so it gets a thumbs up here.

Height Enhancement Supplements I Recommend:

Stature-Rx   http://www.stature-rx.com
Literally the most effective height enhancement supplement money can buy. Trust me, it works.

IGF1-RX   http://www.igf1-rx.com
Boosts your IGF-1 levels which are a major factor in determining height. Sold by same company as Stature-Rx and can be taken together with Stature-Rx. Very good product with a ton of ingredients.

GHR1000   http://www.ghr1000.com
For those looking for a pure hgh releaser to stimulate growth, this is a good one.

Z-tropin   http://www.z-tropin.com
Another very good hgh releaser. This one is an oral spray, not a pill. I've started using this daily and I like it!

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